Years ago Jason and myself wandered into a local gun shop, Jason was looking for an Akda MKA 1919 12 gauge shot gun. We wandered around the shop, hand guns being on one side and long guns on the other, when we got to the long gun side there it was, the Akdal shot gun. As we exchanged pleasantries with the shop employee Jason asked if he he could see the Akdal. The gentleman was very knowledgeable about the 12 gauge,  he commented that a friend had one and he had shot  it many times as he  pulled down from the rack. He safety checked the firearm and handed it over. While we were doing once over on the firearm and discussing likes and dislikes the old wiley Viet Nam vet said “you boys have gunneria, it’s one of those diseases that you can’t cure”. ” I see it in your eyes”. We all laughed and have not forgotten that day.  We now make the same comment to others when we see that same lo0k in their eyes.

Fast foward several years later. A regular shooter in our Sunday afternoon group at our private range sent a group message on facebook last week. “Hey ya’ll I think I have Glock fever”.  Several comments were thrown around and I couldn’t stop thinking about the old vets comment about gunneria.

I think gunneria is a virus that comes in many strains, Glock fever, M&P fever, XD fever etc., you get the point.  We have all had some strain of this disease. I refer to it as an S.T.D. (shooters transmitted disease). It can be spread orally,(word of mouth), or physically (someone got  new toy and passes it around on range day).  While this disease is not cureable it is treatable. You don’t even need a prescription to treat your illness. Most treatments are available over the counter and sometimes can be purchased  in bulk. There are many manufactuers that provide treatment options, Remmington, Winchester, Hornady are possibly the most common. Oddly enough there is one big box store called Target that does not carry any treatment for this disease. Most varieties come packaged 50 per box varying in doseages from 115 grain to 230 grain per capsule. Those that need to treat their disease more frequently may decide to fill their own capsules. I do not recommend soft gels for the treatment of this disease. They just never seem up to the job. Depending on the strain of  fever you have contracted different sized dispensers will be required to administer the treatment, some as small as 6 per to as large as 17 or larger per dispenser are available, just make sure you are using the correct one for the application. Most fevers can be temporarily relieved by safely injecting the capsules from the dispensers into the target area.

While we are still not sure which strain of Glock fever our friend has come down with I will comment that the G42, G43, g19 and the G23 strains are easier to conceal. Many have walked around with these strains for years without anyone knowing they are afflicted with this incureable disease.


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