Quick rundown of the Benchmade Barrage


Benchmade is a very innovative company. A quick search on their website will yield everything from collector to tactical knives. They seem to cover all the bases. Fixed blade, folder, assisted opening and auto.

Benchmade 001 300x225 Quick rundown of the Benchmade Barrage

Why carry a knife? Everyone has heard the old wisdom… Never bring a knife to a gunfight. Obviously we all carry a gun. I’m pretty sure that most of us carry a knife of some sort. My answer to the question is, because you always need one.

There are a lot of advantages to carrying a knife. No muzzle flash, they never run out of ammo, will never jam… The list goes on. However choosing the right EDC knife can be difficult. There are so many quality options out there today. Remember this, as with picking your carry gun, the same rules apply with a carry knife. Don’t buy on price, ever. Buy what fits well in your hand, is concealable and works for your purposes.

I have been a fan of Benchmade products for many years. I currently own close to a dozen of their fine blades. Everything from the original CQC7 to a few customs.

Benchmade 1 003 225x300 Quick rundown of the Benchmade Barrage

The knife in question here is the Barrage. Which suits my needs just fine. Slim and light for comfortable carry. It tips the scale at just 4.2 oz and is thin. As in .650, very easy to conceal. This is an assisted opening knife, utilizing Benchmade’s axis lock. The Barrage springs open lightning fast with a satisfying thunk. The blade is made of 154cm steel. Seems to hold an edge very well with minimal maintenance. The Barrage has done it all for me, and has done it very well. A few weeks after receiving It, I did encounter a problem. It felt a bit gritty when I tried to open it. The problem got progressively worse. As in, the knife wouldn’t open. Unsure if some grit had made it’s way into the knife I dropped it in my Wife’s ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. No improvement. A quick call to Benchmade’s customer service department and the knife was on it’s way. They replaced a spring, cleaned, oiled and sharpened the knife. Turn around time was great and they even included a spare clip for it. Apparently a spring had broken in the assist mechanism. Has worked great ever since.

The axis lock feels very secure, but is easily released. Also, on top is a safety slide. It serves a dual function. First you can engage it while the blade is closed to prevent it from opening. Once the blade is open, it works as a secondary lock. Great setup in my opinion.

Benchmade 002 300x225 Quick rundown of the Benchmade Barrage

However when someone asks if they can borrow my knife? Well I’m a bit hesitant. Benchmade offers three grades of knives. Gold class, Blue class and Black class.

Here’s a quick rundown of the specs.
Blade length 3.6

Blade thickness .121

Handle thickness .65

Blade steel 154cm

Overall length 8.35

Closed 4.75

MSRP starts at $145.00 You get what you pay for.

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