What is your favorite carry Handgun?




guns 002 300x225 What is your favorite carry Handgun?

If someone were to ask me that hypothetical question, my answer would be a nickel plated .22lr High Standard Sentinel R101 revolver. As a practical carry weapon it does not fit any of the criteria. Unconcealable, too flashy and it’s only a .22lr.

However the question is my favorite carry weapon. This particular High Standard is a Family heirloom gun. Belonged to my Grandfather, passed down to my Mother. It happens to be the first handgun I ever fired and she taught me how. It has been on my hip on countless trips in the woods and my 10 year old Nephew is quite fond of it now. The old girl is showing her age and needs to be rebuilt. That will happen, however I can’t trust it to just anyone. I have since bought my Mother another revolver for self defense, but nothing will ever replace the old Sentinel. It has a place of honor in my safe.

As for my favorite concealed carry handgun, hands down it’s a S&W MP9c. I have no problem wearing it under a tshirt in the summer with the 12 round mag. In the winter I carry the full size 17 round mag, easy to conceal under a fleece jacket. Also, with a spare 12 round mag on my belt and one in the chamber that works out to 30 in the winter and 25 in the summer. Not bad at all for a concealable handgun.

So, what is your favorite carry gun? Concealable or not, every gun has a story.

Jason Lundwall


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I'm an avid shooter and firearms collector. Also, an NRA certified RSO and a part time handgun instructor. There is no greater compliment that a student can pay than passing along what I have taught them.


  1. Ralph Snyder on

    I am a M&P Shield fan…. I have the 40 Cal. model and it is by far the best concealed carry gun I have purchased. Light weight and with a good inside the waist band holster you can carry concealed and it is not evident that it is there. Even with shorts and a tank top it is not visibly noticeable. Shoots extremely well out of the box. Recoil is minimal for such a small frame handgun. Extra magazine is small enough to stick in a pocket.

  2. Jason Lundwall on

    Ralph, I usually carry my spare mag in a Gerber Multitool pouch. Give it a try and see what you think. Tom Foster, the co-owner of this site is a big fan of the M&P Shield, that’s his EDC gun.

  3. Craig Elliott on

    I carry a 1911 Commander with a few basic mods. It’s not be the be-all-and-end all of carry pistols -the 1911’s shortcomings (or advantages, depending on your point of view) are well documented- but I know it and trust it and that’s worth a lot.

    If I were to cheat on my 1911, a high cap, short barrel 9 mm would be my choice for purely logical reasons. Personally, I don’t have the bandwidth to train with multiple platforms so I stay with what I know.