Recently I began experiencing issues with my Ruger Mark III 22/45. Sporadically the trigger would not reset. I field stripped the gun and cleaned it, the issue was still there and became much worse a week ago while shooting with some friends. It became so frustrating that I decided that it was time for a fix. Doing a little research I came across a company called TANDEMKROSS. They make a hammer/ magazine disconnect bushing for the gun that eliminates the magazine disconnector. This will not only allow the gun to fire without the magazine inserted but will also allow the magazine to insert easier and to drop freely.  Another plus is that you no longer have to go through the insert magazine, fire to release tension on the mainspring, remove the mag to field strip “dance”. I ordered a bushing mid week and received it on a Saturday. While waiting for the bushing I went ahead and detail stripped the firearm. I did a thorough inspection of all parts, just normal wear for a Mark III with upwards of 8000 rounds. I smoothed the contact surfaces of the trigger plunger and the trigger bar, lightly polished the sear and hammer. I should note that the firearm does not need to be completely disassembled to replace the bushing.  TANDEMKROSS has a good video on the procedure. I reassembled the gun with the new TANDEMKROSS  hammer/ disconnect bushing of course leaving out the mag disconnect, stock bushing and spring. I function tested the firearm and thought to myself, this is how this gun should function. I tested the trigger pull on the Lyman digital trigger pull gauge, it is now consistently measuring at 3 lbs. 12 ozs. down from @ 5.5 lbs as memory serves. I loaded up four magazines and took a brick of ammo out back to my range to see how it ran. It was flawless through the first 4 magazines, flawless through the next 4 and so on and so on. Thank you to TANDEMKROSS for such a great product, not only did deleting the magazine disconnector make a great gun better  but also solved the trigger reset issue I was experiencing. For $9.95 plus shipping this is probably the most effective modification one can make to their Mark III. If you own a Ruger Mark III you need this product. Do yourself a favor and check out TANDEMKROSS.  Their products are Made in the U.S.A. and offer a lifetime guarantee. They also have many other great products and solutions for other firearms.


Tom Foster


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