[Update] Confirmed, Navy Officer and Marine Fired their Personal Weapons at Recruiting Station Attacker


According to Foxnews, at least one Marine killed in the attack on a recruiting station in Chattanooga TN may have been armed with a privately owned weapon. The FBI reports that a Glock was found near one of our fallen Marines. A forensic investigation is ongoing at this point to determine if this weapon was fired or if the suspect was hit by any rounds from it.

Sadly, our service personnel are not authorized to carry weapons at recruiting stations. However, if this is truly the case and our Marine chose prudence over policy, then I tip my hat to him.

As a result: Governors in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana and Florida have ordered National Guardsmen to be armed, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott relocated recruiters to armories.

I will update this as more details become available.


According to multiple news outlets Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, the commanding officer at the Navy Operational Support Center, fired his sidearm at Mohammed Abdulazeez during Thursday’s attack. The paper, citing a Navy official, also reported that one of the four Marines killed in the attack fired his 9mm Glock at the gunman. A Navy sailor also died in the shootout, as did the gunman.

Ballistics test are ongoing to determine if any of the shots fired by hit Abdulazeez. Also, it’s not immediately clear if Lt. Cmdr. White will face disciplinary charges.

The ban on our soldiers being armed on US soil is due to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. The federal government is prohibited from using the military for domestic law enforcement. However, arming our soldiers, especially against situations like this doesn’t seem to constitute a law enforcement action. They are not conducting any type of law enforcement activity.



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