How will you truly respond?


Last night, I was awakened by my alarm system. It was 2 am.   Out of a sound sleep, I sprang up and grabbed my shotgun. NOW WHAT? A little background, my system is set so that I can move around upstairs without an issue at night. As long as I don’t open any windows or doors. My cell phone rang, I keep it on the night stand. I put it on speaker. The operator from the monitoring service asked if I needed assistance, I replied with “hold on” and set the phone down. Stayed at the top of the stairs, near the phone. Listening for anything out of place.

I have a small lamp downstairs on a timer. It’s on through the night and provides enough ambient light to cast a shadow of anyone moving around. I stood to the right side of the stairs listening for movement and looking for a shadow. Nothing, so I announced loudly… YOU HAVE THE WRONG HOUSE, LEAVE NOW, LEAVE NOW.I rack a shell and move to the left side of the staircase. Still no indication of movement downstairs.

Then to my relief, my cat comes trotting up the stairs. So, I slowly head down and realize it was a false alarm. I had spent the day rearranging a few rooms downstairs and left a book case where I shouldn’t have. Best guess, my cat jumped on it and tripped a motion sensor. I cleared my shotgun and set it on the couch. Then went to the kitchen for a bottle of water. My hands were so sweaty, I couldn’t unscrew the cap. I sat at the kitchen table for 20 minutes while considering what had just happened.

My alarm worked as it should. I responded the way I should and the monitoring service worked as it should. However, my shotgun was not setup as well as it could be. It was still cumbersome, need to fix that and try a few three gun matches. I’m guilty of practicing more with my carry gun than my home defense shotgun.

Food for thought.

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Jason Lundwall


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I'm an avid shooter and firearms collector. Also, an NRA certified RSO and a part time handgun instructor. There is no greater compliment that a student can pay than passing along what I have taught them.

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