Do you carry at home? Do you have a security system?


Valid questions, if the answer is no you may rethink that after watching this video.



This homeowner recently had a security system installed, including surveillance cameras. Although the system was not armed, the cameras recorded some of the crime.  Mistake number one, if you have a security system it should be armed at all times. What good is a security system if you don’t use it? What good is owning a firearm for self defense if you don’t keep it with you.

The two armed intruders pistol whipped the son, then left with a laptop and cash. The homeowner is offering a $1000 reward for information.

“And I looked and there was a guy,”  the homeowner said. “He had a mask on and a gun pointed to me, and I was in shock and just stood there. I don’t know why, but I got up and turned toward the back of my house and tried to go downstairs.”

As for me, my system is always armed and of course the doors are locked. It has two modes, one is called HOME which arms all entry sensors to instant trigger. Just fine  for me and if someone does attempt to enter it gives me precious seconds to respond. The second mode is AWAY, I also use this when I go upstairs at night. All entry sensors are armed to instant trigger and the motion sensors are armed instant as well.

With this setup I can move around upstairs as long as I don’t open any windows or doors. However, as soon as as I hit the bottom step of the staircase a motion sensor is triggered. It works well!

My gun is always with me, it will do little good if it isn’t.


Jason Lundwall


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I'm an avid shooter and firearms collector. Also, an NRA certified RSO and a part time handgun instructor. There is no greater compliment that a student can pay than passing along what I have taught them.


  1. I keep a double barrel in the office off the kitchen on a gun rack and a 9mm in my bedroom! I prefer the double down stairs because I don’t have to aim as they come through my door.