A Good Guy With A Concealed Carry Permit Stops Attacker Who Fired At 1 Year Old Child


Cincinnati Ohio- 62 year old Thomas McCary is being held without bond and charged with four counts of felonious assault.

An arguement erupted Sunday around 8 p.m. between McCary and a woman. The womans brother, Patrick Ewing approached, McCary then drew a .38 on Ewing and fired three shots. Ewing didn’t get hit, however he did return fire and wounded McCary in the leg.

The fight wasn’t over, Mc Cary left the scene to retrieve another firearm. He then returned with a gun in each hand and began firing at Jeaneta Walker, her one year old son and another man. Ewing again returned fire so the others could flee indoors. No one was injured in this exchange. At last report McCary was released from the hospital to Police  custody and is awaiting a bond hearing.

This is one more reason why I carry. You never know when or where you may need to defend yourself. Situations evolve rapidly. Also, I encourage everyone who carries concealed to have a spare magazine and practice move and shoot drills.

Punching paper is great to practice accuracy. However, there is a big difference between static accuracy and combat accuracy. At Theslidestop.com test range, we have rows of six inch steel plates at 10 yards setup for certain drills. Only one shooter is on the firing line at a time. They must move and shoot. Also, a moving target is harder to hit, make yourself a moving target.



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