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Paul Smith, owner of Frontline Defense in Warrenton NC certainly comes up with some great ideas. He has taken a patch of land out in the country and in nine short months converted it into quite a nice range. He’s a former Army Ranger and Sniper, so he knows a little bit about firearms. There’s quite a bit more to his service record, you can read that at the end of the article.

Well, he wanted to do something different to ring in the new year and mark the opening of his new 300 yard rifle range. As in, Tannerite. Paul’s not one to do something on a small scale. So, he packed a barrel with 30 pounds of the stuff and held a contest. Guess how many pieces of empty brass are in the container and the winner gets to pull the trigger on Paul’s personal DPMS .308.


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Well, the lucky winner was Dale Campo with a guesstimate of 2399. The container held 2413 to be exact.

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He took one warm up shot and it was time for the big bang.

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This was my first experience with Tannerite and it was impressive. We were 300 yards away and the concussion was very pronounced.

Paul used a blue plastic barrel to hold the Tannerite. We found pieces of it at least 35 yards away.

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I’m already making my plans for next New Year, I’ll even donate a little Tannerite. Paul plans to open a 1000 yard rifle range next, who knows what he has in mind for the grand opening there. When I saw his range for the first time in October 2013, the 300 yard rifle range was little more than a path cut through the brush. I was there to cover a meeting of The Well Armed Woman Northeastern NC chapter.



The following is from Paul, it’s quite obvious he’s passionate about the range and means business.

North Carolina’s Premiere Outdoor Shooting Range located within an hour
drive of Wake, Durham, Franklin, Halifax, Johnston, North Hampton, and
Nash Counties. Our 25-yard pistol area, 100-yard rifle area, and
300-yard tactical training area are complete. The 8-lane, 300-yard rifle
range opened to members on January 1st. 1,000 yd rifle range clearing has started,
looking to be complete in 2014. Steel targets are available for
use on the weekends on the pistol and rifle range. There is no waiting list to
join! Other ranges in the area have waiting lists of 4 years or longer.
Prorated annual dues apply for those joining in the month of January 2014. Veteran
discounted rates are not calculated in the table below. Contact us for those
discounted rates. Annual Dues will be owed again in April 2014. If you have any
questions feel free to call, 919-605-8350.

Founding Membership prorated annual dues are $68.75 + $200 initiation fee =
$268.75Family Membership prorated annual dues are $81.25 + $300 initiation fee =
Founding Membership
One-time initiation fee of $200, annual dues are $275. Membership covers one
individual only.
Family Membership
One-time initiation fee of $300, annual dues are $325. Membership covers spouse, all
children until age 21.
Lifetime Founding Membership
One-time initiation fee of $3,000. No annual dues. No discount. Membership covers
one individual only.
Lifetime Family Membership
One-time initiation fee of $5,000. No annual dues. No discount.
Membership covers spouse, one additional family member, and all
Five-year Membership
One-time initiation fee still applies, $200 for Founding, $300 for
Family. Founding Plan is $1,000 and Family Plan is $1,200. Upgrade from
current plan at anytime and only the plan fee is needed, not the
initiation fee again. No discounts.

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Ambush Action Series is a competitive shooting series offering a variety
of gun matches, regardless of skill level, we are all here to be safe
and have fun. Competitions include 3 gun matches, 2 gun matches, long
gun competitions, rimfire competitions, and pistol matches. Matches are
held on the 3rd weekend of each month.

The outdoor shooting range is open to the public on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. Members only have full access to the firearm
shooting range Monday through Sunday. Please see our calendar
for upcoming firearm training classes and competitive shooting matches.
Anyone can participate in training classes and competitive shooting
matches — you do not have to be a member of the range.
Wake, Durham, Franklin, Nash, Wilson, Johnston, Halifax, North
Hampton, Granville, and Vance are just some of the counties that make up
our gun range membership list.

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Our goal at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range is
to provide you with a one-stop shop for your firearms education,
training and equipment needs. A Veteran-owned and operated business, we
pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the best prices in
the industry.
A lifelong firearms enthusiast and honorably-discharged military
veteran, I have completed many recognized training programs including
the FBI’s Advanced Marksmanship Observation Course, the US Army Sniper
School (where I graduated as a Distinguished Honor Graduate) and the
My service in the military began with the 1st of the 75th Army
Airborne Rangers. I was deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm with
the US Army’s 24th Infantry Division, and upon returning, served with
the US Army 509th Pathfinders, where I also commanded the US Army
Special Reaction Team’s Sniper Unit at Fort Rucker, Alabama. I finished
my military service as an undercover narcotics investigator in the US
Army Criminal Investigation Division.

Jason Lundwall

Paul Smith Frontline Defense USA
1060 Ernest Turner rd
Warrenton NC 27589


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